Collect, report and visualize
first destination data

Access high-quality student outcome data to make the strategic decision you need.

The Old Process is Broken

Begging students for data​

Clunky Surveys​

Tedious reports

Cleaning Spreadsheets

12twenty Takes a New Approach

Intelligent Survey

Survey quickly and effectively, while generating the cleanest possible data.

Instant Stats

Real-time analytics and one-click reports save time and get you answers fast.

Data for Everyone

Democratize data by sharing across your school and the 12twenty Network.

Our End-To-End Solution

Best in class technology to streamline all aspects of outcome data

Unmatched Survey Technology

Mobile Optimized outcome survey
Custom fields with skip logic
Report on behalf of a student
Outcome audit log
Internship, academic year, first destination, post graduate employment surveys

Built-in Standard Reports with 1-click

And more

Powerful BI Tools

Create your own reports directly in 12twenty
Select columns and filters for any data point
Year over year/point in time reporting
Charts, graphs & Dashboards
Automated report email distribution

Student & Alumni Career Research Tools

Salary Database
Offer Timing
Offer Job Source
Offer Trends
Interview Question Database

Some Quotes

Transform your Institution with Access to Powerful Employment Data