Collect, report and visualize
first destination data

The best students and alumni are hired by the best companies on 12twenty.

The Old Process is Broken

Begging students for data​

Clunky Surveys​

Tedious reports

Cleaning Spreadsheets

12twenty Takes a New Approach

Intelligent Survey

Survey quickly and effectively, while generating the cleanest possible data.

Instant Stats

Real-time analytics and one-click reports save time and get you answers fast.

Data for Everyone

Democratize data by sharing across your school and the 12twenty Network.

Welcome to the data driven job search

Instantly absorb an employer's hiring trends, comp structure, offer timing and more...

Our End-To-End Solution

Best in class technology to streamline all aspects of outcome data

Unmatched Survey Technology

Mobile Optimized outcome survey
Custom fields with skip logic
Report on behalf of a student
Outcome audit log
Internship, Academic year, first destination, post graduate employment surveys

Built-in Standard Reports with 1-click

And More

Powerful BI Tools

Create your own reports directly in 12twenty
Select columns and filters for any data point
Year over year/point in time reporting
Charts, graphs & Dashboards
Automated Report Email Distribution

Student & Alumni Career Research

Salary Database
Offer Timing
Offer Job Source
Offer Trends
Interview Question Database

Some Quotes

Transform your Institution with Access to Powerful Employment Data