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Who's Using 12Twenty?


Data can be so frustrating

Current tools for collecting and reporting student
employment data can be clunky and inefficient.

12Twenty is the only tool built from the ground-up to be used for collecting and reporting student employment data.


It starts with a smart survey.

Traditional surveys are hard to customize, tend to bring in incomplete data, and students absolutely hate them!

See how our 3-Minute intelligent survey will save you months of time and frustration.


Your school's stats, instantly.

Whether it's your annual standardized reports or your weekly one-off data request, 12Twenty will deliver real-time data with a single click.

No spreadsheets required.


Students need data too.

With so much great data at your fingertips, why
not let students leverage that data too?

Students use 12Twenty to help them improve
their job searches and prepare for their interviews.

../../Images/icons/setup.png Easy to Set Up

Integration with
12Twenty is a breeze.
Sit back and let us do
all the work for you.

../../Images/icons/network_lock.png The Most Secure Network

12Twenty uses industry-standard SSL
connection security and top-tier cloud hosting.
Security and privacy are our #1 priority.

../../Images/icons/setup.png 24/7 Customer Support

Great customer service shouldn't be a "nice to have". It's a "need to have". You'll love our round-the-clock customer service.

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