Career Services Management

Career Services Management

Modern career services software for all of your career center needs, so you get to spend more time advising students.

Career Services Management

“The ability to seamlessly apply to jobs on a modern platform that keeps track of my applications and documents is a far cry from the previous system of shared drives, folders, and everyone knowing everyone else’s application habits."

Omar Abdelsamad, Student, Dartmouth University

“The information that is readily available in 12twenty saves you time and you’re able to get to the deeper questions. Instead of asking what’s the average salary or what's the average timeline for x company... you can spend your time with your career adviser talking about things that really matter.”

Matthew Becker, Student, UCLA

“It is the beyond exceptional customer service provided by the 12Twenty team that is vital to the success of how we process and relay our outcomes. Knowing that we have a responsive and collaborative 12Twenty support team has made us very satisfied customers.”

Joanne de Guzman, Senior Career Advisor, University of Washington
Michael G. Foster School of Business, Undergraduate Career Services

Product Benefits

  • Connect your students with more employment opportunities and provide tools for success in their career search.
  • Keep students and employers informed about things they care about with robust communication tools.
  • Eliminate time spent on mundane administrative activities so you can focus on helping your students find their dream job.

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