Employer Relationship Management

Employer Relationship Management

Driving meaningful engagement with employers
for career advisers and students.

Employer Relationship Management

"Our entire college community will benefit from the power of the 12Twenty system, not only reporting and data sharing, but also the information students can use as they consider offers and benchmark salaries, industries, and functions."

Jamie Mathews-Mead, Senior Director of Career Management,
Ohio State University

“I really am grateful you guys are using [12Twenty]. I’m about to head into a potential salary negotiation and this has given me 15 salary data points from last year, specific to my industry of interest, and specific to my relevant experience. Very powerful stuff. So thank you for helping make this easy!”

John Henry, Student, Notre Dame University

“12Twenty has been so helpful for my interactions with recruiters, students, all the way up to the dean of our program. In a recent case, I shared information with a recruiter that showed how their peers compensated interns. As a result, they significantly increased their pay so that they were in line with peers. This helped the company, because it had been a while since they had hired an intern, and it helped the student get increased pay.”

Regina Regazzi, Assistant Dean & Director of Career Center, UCLA

Product Benefits

  • Maintain a detailed record of every employer and recruiter relationship.
  • Coordinate employer outreach with shared activity tracking.
  • Put relationship management tools directly in the hands of your students.

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