Outcome Data and Analytics

Outcome Data and Analytics

Survey, track, and report student outcomes. Unlock the power of your school's data, no spreadsheets required.

Outcome Data and Analytics

“12Twenty has simplified our work and saved us countless hours of data analysis and outcome reporting. Our students use it to navigate the interview and offer process. Can’t say enough good things….we love it!”

Jessica Cates, Associate Director, Career Center, TCU

“Our Career Services Center uses 12Twenty to effectively manage our outcomes and survey data. Prior to using this platform, I had to manually gather, monitor, and compute these results, which was extremely time consuming. 12Twenty has significantly helped me cut this process down. It is an intuitive and easy-to-use program that provides accurate data and keeps our entire department organized and informed."

Joanne de Guzman, Senior Career Advisor, University of Washington

“I’ve noticed the gender disparity between compensation packages is diminished. Women can now go in there and they know exactly what their peers are getting and they can demand that on the market.”

Emily Taylor, Director of MBA Career Education & Communication

Product Benefits

  • Improve student survey response rates with the 12Twenty Intelligent Survey.
  • Get more from your data with powerful custom reporting tools.
  • Reveal industry and employer trends to put students on the best career path.